Justin Clark MEd, MLearningInnovation, BEd, BA

I am a registered and qualified Queensland school teacher who has chosen to specialise in tutoring individuals who are experiencing difficulties such as autism including aspergers.

Experienced and Qualified Aspergers Tutor

Aspergers tutoring focus is on empowering students and adults in building learning and study habits for lifelong learning. One of my specialties is teaching those with reading and writing difficulties.

This may include spelling which involves the ability to identify and form letter-sound relationships. This requires an intact phonological system for auditory and speech integration which some students with aspergers may lack in understanding the sound-symbol relationships.

helping a child with aspergers

Teaching Strategies for Aspgergers

As an aspergers tutor, spelling strategies are evaluated to determine if the errors are rule based, predictable, developmental, or irregular. This can be combined with Direction Instruction in teaching decoding in reading and can also be used to strengthen comprehension skills. They are also effective for promoting mastery of functional reading skills as well. Exposure to texts is crucial along with listening to story books and relating the text to life experiences.

Technology is also a useful aid in encouraging student interaction. Written expression can also present a challenge when teaching children with aspergers, as they can often become frustrated and anxious. This often manifests in formulating what to write and struggling to organise and develop their ideas. Therefore, teaching students with aspergers to use prewriting strategies such as visual organisers and planning charts can help them structure and support their ideas during written tasks.

Individual Targeted Aspergers Tutoring

The wide variety of learning profiles in students with Aspergers influence which teaching strategies may be most effective. An excellent way of incorporating this is through differentiated instruction as I recognise that students have different ways of learning, different interests, and different ways of responding to instruction. Therefore, this involves offering different learning experiences to respond to students’ varied learning needs. Differentiated instruction also includes strategies that facilitate listening, enhance motivation to learn and increase engagement.

Communication and Socialisation

As part of being an aspergers tutor I also assist in improving communication and socialisation skills which is combined with educational learning. An example this is Adult-Mediated Instruction and Intervention. This is where I provide social skills instruction directly to students through direct teaching of social skills, Social Stories, Comic Strip Conversations and Concept Mastery and social autopsies. These interventions can help students acquire new skills, after which peer-mediated approaches can be used to further enhance skill generalisation.

Aspergers Tutoring in Brisbane

If your child is experiencing learning difficulties due to aspergers and you are seeking help I am an experienced and qualified (MEd, MLearningInnovation, Bed, BA) aspergers tutor and primary and high school teacher in Brisbane. One-one-one targeted tutoring lessons are conducted from my home office in Boondall in the northern Brisbane suburbs. My business and tutoring hours are from 8am to 8.30pm Monday to Friday. Please feel free to contact me (Justin) for a chat 0407 407 223 and possibly make a time for you and your child to meet with me so I can obtain input from you and advise on how I can assist your child with his/her particular social and learning needs.

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If your child has aspergers and you would like to learn how to help with his/her learning or if you are a teacher interested in learning more about teaching children with aspergers, Justin provides private training in this area too.

If you have any questions, call us on 0407 407 223.