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Justin Clark MEd, MLearningInnovation, BEd, BA

I am a qualified and experienced Brisbane tutor specialising in teaching children and adults who have learning difficulties due to autism (ASD).

Autism Teaching Strategies

As an autism tutor, I have an empathetic and genuine approach to building relationships with my students that promotes change and success. This is achieved through my many years of experience in helping students gain confidence and achieving greater academic results, while helping improve necessary life skills in being able to cope with challenges in their daily lives. I also assist in improving communication and socialisation skills which is interwoven with educational learning in providing the necessary teaching strategies to facilitate growth and change.

Understanding Autism (ASD)

People with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) find it difficult to interact socially and communicate with others. This is because they can find it difficult to understand what other people are feeling and what interests others. As a result, they might end up saying the wrong thing. We also call this a ‘Theory of Mind’ in inferring and interpreting the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others. By not understanding that other people think differently than themselves, many autistic individuals may have problems relating socially and communicating to other people. This may also manifest when they might talk for a long time about a topic they really like, as they are unaware that the topic is of no interest to others. They may not use gestures and body language in the way that other people do.

For example they may not use eye contact and may not smile. However, their ability to communicate can vary tremendously, with some people with autism having no speech or limited speech and others having considerable vocabularies. Therefore, while people with autism can find it a challenge to talk to others and make friends, they still have the same emotions as we all do and love to have friends, even if it’s challenging.

Teaching Children with Autism (ASD)

Children with autism can find school extremely difficult. These challenges manifest where they may want things to happen in the same way or in a particular order. Routine is vitally important because if this routine changes or if something is out of place, they can get upset or worried. They may also be bothered by sudden loud sounds, bright lights or unexpected touch that do not bother others. They may become upset if someone hugs them or talks too quickly or loudly.

Another example is if the teacher says, “Can you give me a minute?” Due to the difficulty with inference, those with autism may interpret this literally and think, “How can I give you a minute?” However, while schooling can present a great deal of challenge, it can also be rewarding.

Those with autism often have intense interests in particular topics and may be extremely knowledgeable about their special interest areas. They can also have an amazing memory for detail.

Autism Tutoring For Children

As an autism tutor, I can help harness these strengths (as described above) in helping to facilitate change in being able to cope with the challenges that education and schooling can present. If you are seeking a tutor for an autistic child who is experienced in teaching kids with autism please give me (Justin) a call and with your input I can devise the right approach to help your child through targeted individual autism tutoring sessions.

Autism Tutoring for Adults and Children

I also assist adults with ASD as my role as an autistic tutor involves being able to adapt autism teaching strategies for both adults and children as well as for the different strengths and weaknesses of each individual. The goal for successful autism tutoring is to empower students to build learning and study habits for not just school but for lifelong learning by improving not only academic abilities but also social abilities and the desire to learn and progress.

Contact Hope Tutoring

Please contact me if you are looking for tutoring services that focus on communication and learning difficulties so we can discuss in detail the type of assistance you are looking for.  There is also some more information about me, my goals and my teaching style that you may also be interested in.


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Justin Clark, Private Brisbane Tutor


Justin also provides autism learning disability training to parents and teachers who are seeking assistance in this area.

If you have any questions, call us on 0407 407 223.