Hope is what we most search for through our lives.

We found HOPE with Justin Clark after many years of struggle and disappointment due to dyslexia and dysgraphia and ASD.

Within a few months, Justin turned our son’s life around by giving him the gift of self-esteem and good academic results. It is amazing to watch this change from week to week. A beautiful experience…

We wish every school had a Justin Clark for our children that face learning difficulties and that ALL teachers received input from educators like Justin to further understand their students.

Thank you Justin.

Sandra Torralba, 24 November 2020

Justin is a very gifted tutor who shows great empathy and understanding of the often overwhelming learning challenges faced by his students. He has the unique ability of quickly developing a warm, caring and supportive tutoring relationship that inspires, trust, optimal engagement and hope.

Justin’s sensitivity and patience allows students to learn in a way that they feel understood, safe, supported and encouraged. Each session enables students to learn in a way that best caters to their individual needs, abilities, learning styles, strengths and interests. Justin ensures each session is fun, challenging and flexible, offering helpful strategies and opportunities to experience success whilst promoting self-confidence and self-esteem.

Justin has the rare gift of bringing out the very best in his students. He is able to facilitate a supportive learning environment that gives each student the time that they need without feeling pressure, feeling rushed or feeling a sense of failure.

Justin perceptively tailors the flow of each session to ensure optimal engagement and concentration, intuitively sensing when the student is reaching their “learning limits” threshold and losing focus. At this point he encourages them to persist further, celebrates in their accomplishments and then renews the learner’s enthusiasm with another learning experience option that they are often empowered to exercise choice in selecting.

Justin’s positive reinforcement of student’s achievements in each visit promotes the learner’s positive view of themselves and their abilities. Through his supportive nurturing of student’s self-belief, Justin helps his students to face future learning challenges with courage, self-confidence and resilience.

My daughter and I both greatly enjoy each tutoring session and appreciate everything that Justin has and continues to teach us both.

Rosemary Foxell, 19 June 2019

Justin tutored me for 2 years and in that time I learned lots more then I did at school. Since it was just me and my brother the work was concentrated towards us so we were always given help when needed and were never left behind. We were allowed to learn what we wanted to learn the way we wanted to, which made understanding far easier.

An example of something Justin helped me with is geography. Before I didn’t like geography I thought it was mundane and boring.  However, when Justin allowed me to pick what countries I wanted to learn about, I chose to pick Asian and European countries which have a deep history which fascinated me.

Jonathan Kotorac, aged 13, April 2019

We have had many different tutors over the years working with our family, but no one like Justin before. Justin has a very special gift. He realises each child, (with or without additional needs) is unique. He invests the time and specific individual lesson approach with the patience and respect each student deserves to help them blossom into reaching their full potential.

Our son has ASD and has really struggled with a lot of the English Curriculum requirements. Justin tapped into our son’s interests and strengths. He has built a strong foundation of trust between them and worked on our son’s self confidence to then stretch him into doing tasks that would have been too much in the past.

Our son is now writing a book in his spare time, completing comprehension tasks, as well as doing spelling and dictation activities without the fear or anxiety he used to. In all the time we have been visiting Justin, not once has our son tried to skip out of a session. WHAT?! – Yes, it’s true. In fact our son looks forward to going! (I never thought I would be saying that in relation to lessons and education). We feel very lucky and grateful to have found Justin. We have recommended him to other families who have also had great results.

He truly cares.

Kate WPaddington, Qld - February 2018

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Justin for his attitude, patience and mentoring that he offered our son during his High School Years.

Max improved from being a struggling English student to achieving excellent results in his High School Certificate and OP Scores. Justin took the time to connect with Max in areas that interested him which in turn encouraged consequential discussions about language and literature.

Justin developed much more than a teacher – student relationship, they were friends. His efforts in teaching across the board in English and not just the task at hand also had positive influence on all other subjects with writing tasks.

We have no hesitation to recommend Justin to other students.

Claire CasamentoStafford Heights, QLD - June 2017

We have 3 children that have been tutored by Justin over the past 4 years.  Justin is very patient even with the most difficult student.

With the extra one-on-one tutoring, our children have not only excelled in the classroom but their report cards have improved greatly.

I highly recommend Justin as he is up to date with the school curriculum subjects in Primary and High School.

Yvonne & Damon GreenDakabin - April 2017

Justin has been my sons tutor for over 4 years now. We have found him to be very professional, reliable, patient, easy to communicate with, very knowledgeable and no task is too difficult.

Justin has played a huge roll in helping my son achieve, understand and succeed in his school work across English, Religion, Humanities and Reading. His grades have improved dramatically, along with his confidence.  We are very happy to have found Justin.

He has been the perfect tutor for our son and we would highly recommend him.

Debra BertolinWavell Heights - May 2017

My two dyslexic boys have benefited enormously through Justin’s tutoring. Not only has their reading, writing and mathematical skills improved but they are now keen learners – such a difference to when they started over a year ago with Justin. Having dyslexia in the school system meant my eldest had learnt great work avoidance strategies! And the youngest had high anxiety going into a panic when faced with work he could not do… Now with Justin’s help in homeschool tutoring they are both confident, happy boys and whilst they will never ‘overcome’ dyslexia the learning methods used by Justin has seen great improvements such that they are better prepared for going back to the school system in the future.

Karen ThorogoodCoorparoo - April 2016