Below is a list of the questions that are most frequently asked by clients.  If your question is not there, please just send me an email or give me a call 0407 407 223 and I will be happy to help.


Q Do I need a referral?

A referral is not required to begin or attend sessions.


Q Are you familiar with the Queensland School curriculum?

A Yes we are.  Being aware of the Queensland school curriculum can be very useful for parents looking to homeschool their children.


Q Which learning or developmental difficulties does Hope Tutoring assist?

A We help students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, autism, ADD, ADHD & other learning & development difficulties, along with students with anxiety & trauma-related issues.


Q What ages does Hope Tutoring teach?

A We teach students & adults of all ages from early childhood students up to mature age adults.


Q How long do sessions last for & how many would be recommended per week?

A Sessions last for one hour but can be catered to 45 minutes to assist those with concentration difficulties.  Individualised lessons are highly flexible & engaging & are based upon the student’s needs.  The recommendation would be a maximum of two sessions per week.


Q How do you assess progress?

A From the beginning and right through the tutoring process we set both short and long-term goals, and monitor progress against these goals.


Q Can a student bring assessment work into the sessions?

A Students are welcome to bring assessment or other school work with them that they are struggling with.  Guidance will be provided to ensure that students understand the assessment & how to manage & plan assignment work.  Help is also provided to establish routines & structure.


Q What method does Hope Tutoring use?

A This depends on the areas that a student needs assistance in & which method works best for each student.  In regard to reading, an approach of synthetic & analytical phonics is used depending on the needs of the student.


Q Do we tutor during the school holidays?

A Yes we do as this is often a good time for children to obtain some consolidated tutoring time, as long as your child has enough time to refresh & recuperate from school over the holidays.


Q Do we work with other professionals?

A Hope Tutoring often receives referrals from Educational Psychologists & other professionals.  We also work in conjunction with teachers from the student’s school so the student can build upon concepts that are taught at school.


Q How do we assess progress?

A From the beginning and right through the tutoring process we set both short and long-term goals, and monitor progress against these goals.


Q When does tutoring end?

A This depends upon the student.  Some students with learning difficulties require ongoing support throughout and even after their schooling years.  Other students may benefit from just a period of one-on-one tutoring which is sufficient to allow them to then progress on their own.


Q What happens if I or my child can’t make it to a session?


A We understand that changes have to made sometimes due to illness & unforeseen circumstance.  As long as you contact us before your session begins to let us of any changes, then the session won’t be lost.


Q What qualifications do you have?


Masters in Education & Learning Innovation, PostGrad in Education (Early Childhood) & BA in Psychology & Theology.


Q Do you give out homework?


A Not usually, as students are often overwhelmed with school requirements.


Q What do I need to bring to each session?


A Older students can bring a notepad & students of all ages are welcome to bring along homework or projects that they are struggling with to received guidance.


Q How often will I receive feedback on my child’s progress?


A At the end of each term & as often as requested


Q Do you provide one-on-one tutoring?


A Yes as this leads to the best learning outcomes. We do this so that we can tailor our lessons to each individual, giving them the best possible learning experience that suits their individual needs.


Q How do I go about enrolling for tutoring with you?


A You can ring or email for an appointment.


Q My child struggles to sit still, will you still be able to tutor him?


A There is no requirement to remain seated for the entire lesson as some students may need to move around.  Lessons also incorporate multisensory experiences which includes kinesthetic learning.


Has your question still not been answered? Please call me Justin (0407 407 223) or you can email me at and I will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have.