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Justin Clark MEd, MLearningInnovation, BEd, BA

I am a qualified, experienced and registered Queensland school teacher (primary and high school) now providing private tutoring services in Brisbane. So if you are looking for homeschool tutoring for your child or children I am able to help you.

I very much enjoy tutoring homeschool children as the individual one-one-one teaching and learning is extremely rewarding as it is so effective.

If you wish I can base the homeschool tutoring of your child on the Queensland curriculum or on an education program that you have created, or a combination of the two. If you would like I can also create a homeschool program specific to your child’s abilities, past learning and goals that we want to achieve.

Homeschool Help

If you are homeschooling your child yourself you are not alone. There are many reasons why parents choose to homeschool their children. These include their child’s particular needs, your educational philosophy, dissatisfaction with their current school or curriculum or religion or due to learning difficulties or disabilities.

Whatever the reason for your choice to homeschool your child, you may be interested to learn that most children that are homeschooled perform achieve higher academic outcomes than the average school educated child.

However, homeschooling requires a great deal of a parent’s time and energy. Whilst homeschooling can be extremely rewarding, many parents naturally do seek help with homeschooling. The homeschooling help that I provide will allow you to breathe a little easier in having the support of an experienced teacher and tutor who knows the schooling system, the curriculum and is experienced in tutoring home schooled children whether they be gifted, challenging, average, shy and/or with a learning difficulty . No matter what level your child is at or their abilities, my goal and pleasure as a teacher is in using my experience and knowledge to engage children in learning in the manner that best suits their learning needs.

Homeschool Tutoring Services

My homeschool tutoring services are very flexible in working together to ensure that the time I spend with your child is beneficial in terms of how your child learns best and what particular areas you are looking for help with. As a qualified and experienced teacher, I am able to tutor children in any subject and at any grade leve. I love working with children individually in engaging and motivating them in their learning and assisting them in achieving a greater level of self-confidence. There is nothing more rewarding than a child who is delighted and motivated to learn, or seeing a child who once struggled with reading achieving a higher level of satisfaction in exploring the joy of reading.

Homeschool Tutor

As a private homeschool tutor, I am able to assist you whether you are looking for several hours private one-on-one tutoring for your child a week or needing a couple of hours for  several days a week. The majority of the time I tutor children at my office space/home in Boondall which is on the northside of Brisbane and is 20 minutes from Brisbane CBD. If this does not suit you, give me a call (0407 407 223) and we can discuss this to see if we can find a different solution.

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If you have any questions, call us on 0407 407 223.