Justin Clark MEd, MLearningInnovation, BEd, BA

If you are one of the many families in Brisbane who are seeking help from a private Brisbane tutor for their child/children, I am sure I will be able to assist.  I am a qualified, registered and experienced Queensland primary and secondary school teacher, having chosen to tutor children one-on-one rather than teach in the classroom.

The reason why I choose to become a private tutor is that I find working with children and teens on an individual basis far more rewarding than being a classroom teacher.  I’m also able to create positive learning experiences for students who perhaps have become disengaged from formal schooling.

hot to spot learning difficulties in your child

Tutoring Brisbane Students

What I offer:-

  • Extensive experience (both as a classroom teacher and a private tutor)
  • Knowledge and experience of teaching the Queensland curriculum (and the pros and cons of the curriculum)
  • Bachelor and Masters’ degrees in education, learning innovation and learning disability and reading and writing difficulties.
  • Patience, persistence, understanding and support, with the knowledge that each child is unique based upon their individual learning styles.

Subjects and Skills

In terms of subjects and skillls, as a private Tutor in Brisbane I provide:

  • Private tutoring for students needing assistance in one or more subjects at a specific (or ongoing) period of time such as history, maths or science etc
  • Private tutoring for children or teens that need assistance in developing specific skills such as how to research methods, report or essay writing or mentoring.
  • I have the ability to establish rapport with students, to engage students and work through any learning avoidance behaviours in encouraging children in their learning.
  • Multiple skills that allow me to help children and teens (and also adults) in providing a wide range of different tutoring skills and knowledge.

Helping Your Child

Otherways my private Brisbane tutoring service can help is through:

  • Homeschool tutoring and assistance in developing a learning curriculum for home school children reflecting the preferences of the parents and the children balanced against abilities and interests.
  • Helping prepare children for school and in the early years of school where the current system may not be able to provide the individual assistance a child may need.
  • Private tutoring for students who have learning difficulties (dyslexia, autism, dysgraphia etc) and require one-on-one support and assistance to further their learning potential and engage in the learning process.

Private Tutoring Brisbane

Whether you are seeking a private Brisbane tutor for a once off occasion or more ongoing assistance, please call me (Justin Clark) and I will be more than happy to discuss with you your needs, your child’s needs and how I may be able to best assist.  You can also view my qualifications and experience plus reviews from current and past clients.

You may want to learn a little bit more about me as well.

If you have any questions, call us on 0407 407 223.