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The advantages of a private tutor are:

  1. More focussed learning
  2. Less time required to learn
  3. Quick opportunity to catch up on particular subjects
  4. Students become more interested in learning
  5. Students gain more confidence, and this can apply to other subjects and their life experiences

Queensland School System

One of the major advantages of a private tutor in Queensland is the one-on-one attention. This is so very different from the current Queensland teacher to pupil averages of:-

25 students per teacher in the first few years of Primary School

28 students per teacher for Year 4 to 10; and

25 students per teacher for Year 11 and 12

Learn More, Quicker

With direct focussed attention between student and tutor, your child will learn so much more within a much shorter time period.  I would like to add in here that the advantages of a private tutor also benefits the teacher.  Personally, I obtain so much joy from seeing my students grow and flourish and become actively interested learners. It would be difficult for me to step back into the classroom again.  I find tutoring to be far more rewarding than being a teacher within the Queensland school system simply due to the greater satisfaction I obtain from seeing positive results and growth in my students.

Home Schooling

It is possible to have a private tutor for subjects that your child is struggling in, or for homeschooling.  The advantage for children having a private tutor and homeschooling is that less time is actually spent in the ‘classroom’ and more learning usually occurs.

You will probably be surprised how few contact hours you will pay for having a private tutor homeschooling your child(ren). This is particularly the case if you, another caregiver or a student tutor can help.  At Hope Tutoring we offer the service of homeschooling whereby we spend an agreed amount of time with your child, then set work that can be done by your child with someone else – ‘homework’.  We can also devise a curriculum for your child.

Having A Private Tutor

Back to the advantages of private tutoring.  For all children, there are so many benefits beyond just the one-on-one interaction and more focussed learning opportunities.  Having just one student means the work learnt can be tailored specifically to that child.  It also means that we can take breaks whenever it is best suited to. If a child becomes too tired, we can do some other learning activity (there are plenty of educational games that are both fun and highly educational). We could also break for ten minutes or so – or stop one subject and start another.  There is just so much more flexibility.

Why Choose A Private Tutor

There are a variety of reasons why parents may decide to engage the assistance of a private tutor – either for just one or two sessions a week or to homeschool their child(ren).  One of the reasons that I came across most often is naturally, given my area of educational specialisation, the child has some form or other of learning or behavioural difficulty.  In the school system, whilst efforts and adjustments are made, they just cannot compare with the one-on-one personalised help that I can provide to your child.  In addition, I am highly experienced in helping children with these sorts of difficulties and adapt my teaching style to best fit each individual student and their challenges.

Private tutoring is also an excellent way for a student to ‘catch-up’ in a particular subject that they may be struggling in or have missed some time away from school and have been left behind.  Knowing the Queensland curriculum and having been a teacher myself I have often helped students in this sort of situation and many have then after a period of private tutoring been able to obtain confidence and knowledge and not require further assistance from me.

One of the greatest benefits that a private tutor can provide is helping to turn a student from being stressed, lacking confidence and avoiding lessons to one that seeks knowledge and becomes actively engaged as a self-learner.  The student also gains confidence which leads to significantly reduced stress levels whether that be attending school, doing exams or just engaging in any sort of learning activity. This sort of transition does not occur overnight, but with the right tutor having the right experience and ability to engage and adapt to the student’s interests, this can be a wonderful transformation.

Justin Clark – Private Tutor, Brisbane


We at Hope Tutoring specialise in helping children with learning difficulties, but that is not to say that we can’t help your son/daughter if they are feeling overwhelmed in one or two subjects that we can’t help.  We are very well qualified and have experience in helping children to learn and if they need one or two hours a week support to ‘catch-up’ or keep on track or become more confident in particular subjects we are more than happy to help.