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Tutoring is a valuable educational tool both to supplement children’s school learning and to enable them to engage with topics that they cannot learn in other settings. A tutor can be life-changing for children’s confidence, abilities, and motivation to learn, and in this blog, we’re going to discuss the benefits of one-to-one tutoring.

What is One-to-One Tutoring?

One-to-one tutoring involves a student interacting with and learning from an educator, teacher, or tutor individually, who delivers personalised tuition tailored specifically to the student’s learning goals and needs.

What are the Benefits of One-to-One Tutoring?

There are a multitude of benefits children receive from one-to-one tutoring.

1. Individualised Tuition – Most obviously, one-to-one tutoring allows for individualised tuition that is specifically adapted to suit your child’s personal learning style, interests and needs. This means that the child can work at their own pace, moving more quickly through the things they are picking up with ease, and spending more time working on areas they struggle with.

2. More Flexibility with Type of Work– One-to-one tutoring offers more flexibility than a classroom environment, where the curriculum and daily schedule is adhered to, ensuring that children remain interested in learning, as they will not be bored by repetitive work that doesn’t challenge them and also will not become frustrated by struggling through work that is too difficult.

3. Fill Gaps in Foundational Knowledge – Additionally, a tutor can work with your child to identify not only where they are struggling but why they are having difficulties, and work to resolve the root cause. A particularly pertinent benefit of one to one tutoring is that gaps in children’s foundational knowledge can be filled, which will give them the ability to master new skills and concepts, as a sound understanding of the basic properties that underly a subject paves the way for success as they grow older.

4. Confidence – Building children’s confidence is key to their happiness and desire to learn, and one to one tutoring can be especially helpful for increasing confidence in educational settings. A tutor will get to know your child well and develop a strong relationship with them. This is really important, particularly for children who have had negative experiences with teachers in the past.

At Hope Tutoring, we value our student’s trust in their tutor, and it is this relationship that helps to create a stress and pressure free environment. This calm and supportive environment, where the only expectation is for children to try their best, helps them to feel more confident in asking questions and giving tricky things a go, as performance anxiety and fear of failure is reduced. As success breeds confidence, the more children can see evidence of their success, the more confident they will become, which is why one to one tutoring is so beneficial as the work will always be of an appropriate level for each child.

5. More Fun – As a tutor gets to know their student better, they will gain an understanding of what the child is interested in and what motivates them. This makes learning infinitely more interesting, as your child’s interests can be incorporated into their education to encourage them to give things ago that they might otherwise be reluctant to. The relationship a tutor builds with their students is also incredibly helpful for accountability purposes, as children will be motivated to work hard for their tutor.

6. Flexible around Your Schedule – Another great benefit of one to one tutoring is that it is flexible. Personal tutoring can be scheduled to fit in with your child’s extra curricular activities and routines, which is helpful for both child and family. Furthermore, all kids have different internal clocks, and will be able to focus more effectively at certain times, so one to one tutoring can also fit in with when you know your child will be ready to learn, to increase the productivity of sessions. Along with scheduling, one to one tutoring is also helpful for children’s focus as it eliminates the distraction other classmates pose if your child attends a traditional school, or family if your child is home schooled.

To summarise, one-to-one tutoring is incredibly beneficial for children as it allows the educator to use a range of learning strategies that are specifically tailored to the individual student’s needs to ensure concepts are fully understood. This sets children up for success by increasing their confidence and motivation, in conjunction with the stress and distraction free environment that one to one tutoring provides.

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